Planning to visit Malta? This video shares travel tips and advice about visiting the Maltese islands. It is part of a travel series sharing information to help make your Malta visit amazing. For your trip to Malta, you’ll want to know this information about food, weather, things to do and sights to see.

You can visit the Sunny in London website for more travel tips for Malta, as well as additional articles that don’t have videos.

Visiting Malta Travel Tips and Advice

Visiting Malta Travel Tips and Advice

Air Malta Review- Flying London Heathrow to Malta

Air Malta Review – Flying London Heathrow to Luqa

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  1. Just curious with the English soccer season getting ready to start! Could you tips on attending English Soccer games? Especially the top levels like the EPL, and EFL Leagues (Championship, League 1 & League 2)! Also, what team do you support over there!

  2. I think we all like a certain amount of customer service but when i'm on holiday in a foreign country i tend to take it as it comes and of course politeness goes both ways. The type of service i do like though is when it comes in a friendly way and not forced as part of their job.

  3. I never had any problems with service in Malta. They leave you alone to enjoy your meal then if you beckon they are right there. I would also say for young girls to watch out for muslims as the island has quite a lot now and that is straight from an ex-pat Maltese.